The entrepreneurs of Premium Sport Austria (PSA) are brought together by high, established standards of quality at all levels. They are represented in the best locations, in Austria's most lucrative tourist regions. This network of established specialised sport & fashion stockists impress thanks to their employees' high levels of expertise, the dynamism of the entrepreneurs who personally manage their businesses and the excellent location of the premium sport and fashion shops. In their locations they serve and enthuse clearly identified target groups.


We have positioned ourselves as a strategic partner for industry and market-related service providers.

PSA is a business intermediary for established companies in the country's most celebrated tourist hotspots. Each of the participating companies generates added value in every single personal consultation they undertake, in every sale and in every service provided. By consistently placing high demands on levels of service and quality, PSA has been able to achieve a particular kind of customer loyalty, which has ensured that these companies have continued to operate successfully on a long-term basis over many years.

Company owners, employees and partners also demand this kind of premium service. They invest in the best markets and want to extend their leading market positions to incorporate a comprehensive range of products and services. Under the name Premium Sport Austria these entrepreneurs have now been able to pool together their strengths, enabling them to offer their customers even more. A new communication platform has been created for specialist dealers, their suppliers and partners. This is a reflection of sustained and efficient business trading.

The entrepreneurs behind PSA are strong and intend to remain so. Innovative and entrepreneurial business activities, sharing learning processes and fully exploiting the competitive advantages are methods of working that define PSA. All members are responsible for the success of others and this helps them to exceed customer expectations on a day-to-day basis.